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i started pill on day 2 of period but i did IT on day 6?

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I’m not sure if that means i’m protected or not, because on day 5 i didn’t have my period it completely stopped and day 6 it resumed after intercourse., it’s now day 8 ive badically been on the pill for 7 days today but does that mean i’m protected or will i have to get ella one!!??

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This is difficult to understand. Are you saying you are on contraceptive pills and had sex during the pill free week, and you are worried because your bleed happened later this time ?

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I started the contraceptive pills on wednesday (day 2 of my period) and assumed since i started the pills on my period that i would be protected straight away.. although my period suddenly stopped on day 5 (my periods last a week) and had intercouse on day 6, which i got my period again after it. I’m just confused whether i have to get an emergency contraceptive or not because i started on the second day of my period instead of first.. and it hadn’t been a full week of taking the pills.

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So - if you have unprotected sex in the first 5 days of your cycle, there should be no pregnancy risk ( regardless of contraception ). You had sex on day 6 , but you had already been on the combined pill for 4 days . The risk of unplanned pregnancy is extremely small, as the risk of ovulation is extremely small.

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