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Coming off combined birth control pill

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Hi, I am coming off my combined birth control pill which I have been on since I was 16 (I am now 22) starting from today (only started my new pack last week) as I have been in and out of hospital for the last 4 months and they found a blood clot in my right lung (which they thought was cause from Covid). I am unsure on how to feel about this whole experience and they advise I speak with my GP to change the birth control I am on. I spoke to my partner about this (we have been together for just over a year) and he thinks I should come off it completely. Baring in mind we have both said we are not interested in having children anytime soon, if not ever. I understand we could just use a condom every time and that’s it however as I have been relying on taking my contraceptive pill for so long, is this just not going to feel like an interference? I also understand that you could go by your natural cycle to prevent pregnancy however I’m not sure how much I would rely on this and I feel like I would constantly feel anxious after having sex thinking that I’m pregnant (I understand it’s not that easy for everyone to fall pregnant but the risk still freaks me out). any advise would be great. I also know you can get the copper coil but I’ve heard this is really painful and I’m not even sure this would be suitable for me right now as I understand coming off any kind of birth control for a long period can have diverse affects on your body so I just want to see how I get on coming off the pill for now.

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You should attend either your local reproductive health clinic or your gp for a discussion about your contraception. You cannot assume the blood clot was due to covid ..unless it happened at exactly the same time as covid . Regardless if you are currently being treated for a PE then oestrogens would.not be recommended.

Taking any form of contraception doesn't affect future fertility. Some types however have a slower return to fertility.

Using natural family planning is a possibility but for it to be effective you have to be well informed and follow.all.the advice 100%.

Not everyone has significant discomfort with a coil insertion. Usually it is not more than period type cramping .

You would be an ideal candidate for an implant how about that?

Because you had a PE it may be easier to get advice from a reproductive health clinic

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