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I had unprotected sex with someone who tested positive for Clamydia.

I did a test a week and 2 days after unprotected sex with them. My test came back negative.

I have no symptoms. Do you think my test was negative because I tested too early??

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Hi Lucy

You may well have tested too early as the health advice is usually 2 weeks after.

If you contact sexual health services they'll probably give you the treatment for chlamydia anyway because your partner tested positive.

Take care

Hi , Thankyou for your response. It wasn’t a partner it was just a one night stand. I will go to the clinic , Thankyou

No problem and if you struggle to see someone face to face due to them being very busy they should be able to offer you a telephone appointment.

Ah Thankyou! I’m just worried about calling up because I slept with someone else (who has Clamydia) and then slept with my current partner now. I slept with him instantly after and then havnt slept with him since that. Things I’ve read say that I may not have passed it on because the bacteria needs atleast 5 days to actually build up if I did have it. I’m also scared the sexual health clinic will tell him I’ve slept with someone else while we were on a break….

Hi Lucy, I'm sure they need your permission to tell your current partner so don't worry about that.Are you in the UK? Did you order your recent test online for free or pay for it?

I really want to know for sure before I ring them, but surely they can’t just tell my partner, as I wish to tell him myself instead. Yes I’m in the UK and yes I ordered one from SH:24 but they won’t let me order another in less than 6wweks from my last

It sounds best if you go to the clinic when it's been 2 weeks from the one night stand then, in case you didn't catch it. They definitely need your permission, I was in a similar situation a long time ago and they did ask for my consent to call the guy involved.

Really? Okay Thankyou so much. Or could I just lie to them and say there is no one else involved and then just tell him myself ? Because I know it’s logged on their system that I have a partner due to something else that Happend. So I’m just so worried if I tell them then they are going to tell him too. Or unless I just be honest and then they will give me the choice to tell him myself???

You could say you broke up with current partner and they won't know, then up to you to tell him.Maybe best to call them to speak to sexual health nurse for advice on if you should wait another week to re-test and see what they say.

Thankyou so much

You're welcome 😊 hope all goes well

One last thing! On the SH24 site , can I order my partner STI kit to my house instead of his so no one finds out ? As his parents are nosey

You can do but since you said you have to wait 6 weeks for another test I think you're best to have it done at the clinic or ask if they have a test you can pick up to do yourself.

Ahh yes I know I thought that but I’ll do it all in his name and number so maybe they will just let me send it to my address because they don’t know that we don’t live together ?

Yes you could do that.

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