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New Slynd Progesterone only pill

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My daughter was put on Cerazette , a POP, for periods cramps and heavy bleeding. She started to have side effects right away when starting this mini pills. She experienced increased appetite leading to weight gain and acne which she never had before starting the pills. I feel it kind of mimicking PCOS symptoms with high insulin resistance as I recently found out. I have been researching for so long to find the right mini pill for her. I came across a 4th generation bcp Slynd - drospirenone form of progesterone, which I have read some great reviews as it has the least androgenic effects. Was wondering if anyone has used Slynd or other drospirenone based bcp and have few side effects and positive results. Also I was wondering if it is available on continental Europe. It has been recently approved in 2019 by the FDA and also in Europe.

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Hello Stroosen,

While I can't comment on Slynd, it may be worth asking a doctor about it to see if this is something they recommend.

I have PCOS and found that the PoP combined with Metformin really helped my symptoms once my body got used to the dosage!

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