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Red spots/rash on penis skin?

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Hey, some quick context:

I haven't had sex in over 2 years. In January of 2022 I got small rash/spot and then over the 2 month period, they kept on coming (check other images) I have now 3 in total and they aren't going away. All pretty close to each other. I can't remember the first spot but I remember the second one came up as like a very SMALL and hard pimple like you would have on your face, I kind of scratched it, it bled a tiny bit (it had no pus) and then the patch got bigger over the weeks... These spots are shiny and stand out from my normal penis skin a lot.

I keep up good hygiene in terms of washing my penis and changing underwear regularly. I tried moisturising with a non chemical moisturiser yet no sign of them going away, if anything more are appearing? I do however allow dogs on my bed, could this be the cause? Even though I allowed them on my bed years prior to this happening, it would be weird if that's the case since this happened recently... could it be bug bites? I do masturbate about 3/4 times a week but now I have stopped it since I think the friction could be making this situation worse.

I did a STI test about 3 weeks ago but results still haven't came in but nevertheless I don't think its STI related as I haven't had sex in over 2 years now and these spots/patches came at random about start of 2022 (about 2 years since I last had sex).

They don't itch or sting but they're really annoying me as I'm meant to be going on a date soon and obviously can't have sex when these spots are here so its super annoying.

Any clue to what this might be / any treatments? I'm thinking of booking a GP appointment soon regarding this issue but maybe someone had a similar issue and could save me some time with how they treated it?

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It is hard to make out the area on the photo as you would need a really close zoom in. I would recommend attending a sexual health clinic for someone to examine you. there is a wide differential of possible diagnoses.

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