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Cerelle contraceptive pill

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I have been on the cerelle contraceptive pill for over a year and have had irregular periods throughout. But I now haven’t had one for three months and I’m wondering if this is normal?

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It is common on this pill to experience varied and irregular bleeding with many women not having a period at all on it. It may be that it has taken a year to settle down in your system however if you are slightly worried, contacting your gp would be ideal. I’d say do a pregnancy test just incase and then try not to worry about it as many women do say they don’t bleed on it at all and you’re likely to be told by your gp that it’s normal :)


I have been on Cerelle for about 5 years and have never had a period on it. I think with most contraceptives it can vary from person to person but if your really concerned I would make an apt with your gp practice :)

Unscheduled bleeding is common on the POP. Agree with Anon if concerned check a pregnancy test, but amenhorrea ( no bleeding ) is common and normal on the POP .

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