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am i still protected from pregnancy?

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hi! question:

if i take my 2 packs of Trust pills (21pills w/7days placebo=28 pills total) without break coz i disregarded my placebo pills on my 1st pack. so meaning, i only took the 21 pills here.

then on my 2nd pack, i continue to take my next 21pills plus the 7 placebo pills of this 2nd package.

am i still protected from pregnancy if i engage in unprotected sex either on the days of my placebo pills?

and is there a risk for my partner if i am on my spotting day?

thank u

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This is a little confusing. You have a combined pill with 21 real pills and then 7 days placebo.

You took the first pack ? and then ran straight into the second without the placebo pills ? this is called " cycling " the pills and you will still have been protected.

If you have unprotected sex on your pill free, placebo week you are still protected , so long as you took the rest of your pills ok.

I am not sure what you mean by " your spotting day " and what "risk " you are worried about for your partner.

yes thank u that’s right about what u said about the “cycling” the pills.

in terms of spotting (period is already done but there are still spots left like droplets)

I heard that it’s not good to have unprotected sex if youre on period or in spotting coz the “withdrawal blood” can risk your partner for sti?is that true?

Only if you have a blood borne virus like HIV or hepatitis B. But just unprotected sex can transmit these infections , in bodily fluids. And remember you might be at risk from an untested partner too. Chlamydia is the most common infection in most countries. If you have a new partner, or you or your partner havent tested before , get tested :-)

thank you so much for the info🙏

you are most welcome

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