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Can I take X2 morning after pill close together?

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I had unprotected sex but pulled out before came, I took the morning after pill Ella one a few hours later, however, I did it again the next day, I have had levanorgestrel prescribed as morning after pill, but now I don't know if I can take them so close together

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This is a question you should ask your pharmacist or whoever provided you with the Ella one. ( ullipristal )

Potential for ulipristal acetate to affect other medicinal products

Hormonal contraceptives

Because ulipristal acetate binds to the progesterone receptor with high affinity, it may interfere with the action of progestogen-containing medicinal products:

- Contraceptive action of combined hormonal contraceptives and progestogen-only contraception may be reduced

- Concomitant use of ulipristal acetate and emergency contraception containing levonorgestrel is not recommended

So basically taking levonogestrel may not work.

It is recommended that if a woman requests EC for further UPSI within 5 days of taking UPA-EC, a Cu-IUD is offered if appropriate. Alternatively, UPA-EC can be given again.

So the recommendation is either another ullipristal ( Ella one ) or a copper coil. You need to discuss with your local sexual or reproductive health clinic as a pharmacist will not be able to provide this.

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