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Chlamydia Transmission

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Getting Chlamydia from 1 time unprotected oral but with protected sex ... I have Chlamydia and didn’t know it I use protection every time... is it possible that maybe my new partner didn’t catch it from 1 time oral ???? I’m so upset I care about him possibly love him and do not want to lose him...

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Are you asking if it’s possible they may catch it .. or asking since they HAVE caught it? Odds are low but possible to catch it this way from a partner. If you’re being treated and neither of you now have signs / symptoms then maybe you can keep quiet . But it would be better to talk openly with each other and explain things

I told him and he blocked me so it’s irrelevant now.

You mean did the male partner possible acquire chlamydia in his throat from giving you oral sex ? Its not impossible. However condom usage for penetrative sex is sometimes variable, so it would be recommended he have a screen for chlamydia ( in his urine ) and take antibiotics regardless as a contact.

I told him and he blocked me so it’s irrelevant now and I took my antibiotics hopefully he went and done the same idk. Pretty stupid to get mad at someone who didn’t know and I always use protection. But some men are not very forgiving.

And indeed you never know he could have had chlamydia first to begin with. Not a helpful response from him and if that is how he acts when you are being responsible, you are probably better off without him.

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