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I have been tested for after only receiving oral. I took an instant syphilis test with 99.5% accuracy. And was negative.

About 8 months later I developed a very itchy scrotum without a rash. It has contributed to itch on and off for about 8 months.

I also have a burning sensation when I urinate.

I have tested negative for all stds but I’m worried that the instant test may have been a false negative.

Do these symptoms sound like syphilis?

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Here is some information:

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Joe89 in reply to Osidge

Thanks but I am looking for advice regarding my symptoms….

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Osidge in reply to Joe89

The information deals with the symptoms of syphilis. Perhaps it might be best for you to go to a doctor or a sexual health clinic and ask them about the symptoms you have.

I've seen your various posts over the months about this same topic. I think it's safe to trust the tests and believe the negative results by now. Maybe you should go and speak to your doctor about your paranoia and anxiety surrounding this. Anxiety and a fixation on constantly looking for symptoms can make you believe that you have those symptoms that aren't really there. Please make an appointment with your doctor.

Thanks I will make an appointment.

Apart from going to a sexual health clinic to get tested properly, I would suggest that you do not have unprotected sex in the future..

I have been tested at a sexual health clinic however I am still anxious, can’t help how I feel!

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Galen70 in reply to Joe89

Joe I have advised you before about this on several occasions. You have a form of venereophobia and require help from a counsellor or psychologist. Please ask your gp to refer you .

I’ve looked at venereophobia online and my symptoms of burning urination and itchy scrotum are not listed as symptoms - any advice?

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