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Recurrig thrush and itchy white patches

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Hello everyone

I just had dermo appointment for white patches on my body and mainly around my genitals. The doctor told me it’s vitiligo and that I need to talk tk my GP about thrush again because the two are not relates ( I suspected lichen sclerosus). I used a steroid cream that did not help and now I’m supposed to use it again with some emoillents. I’m worried because i’ve had recurring thrush in the past and used fluconazole for 6 months and I’m afraid the ointments will make it worse again. I habe underactive thyroid I had blood test for thyroid profile and everything was fine. No one in my family nor me has diabetes or ever struggled with the above symptoms. Do I need a second opinion? I don’t have a discharge I just have constant smegma forming around my vulva and last time I went for a thrush swab the nurse told me there was no discharge to collect she embarassed me actually telling me off and saying oh so what do I do now I can’t collect anything. After the swab the doctor Told me it was thrush in fact and there were no signs of STDs. I also never have had unprotected sex. The thing that bothers me the most is sexual dyscomfort it’s absolutely unbearable.

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Morning,My best advice would be to ask to be seen by a specialist.

My recurrent thrush was misdiagnosed for years and turned out to be something completely different. I was eventually diagnosed by a dermatology specialist.

You have an autoimmune condition ( hypothyroidism ) and therefore conditions like vitiligo and LS are more likely. You can have both vitiligo and LS in the same area. So as Moo suggested, you should really see a specialist. I would suggest a sexual health service if in the UK, as not all gynaecologists are vulval specialists.

I also totally agree with Moo, LS is often misdiagnosed as "chronic thrush "

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