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Foreskin staying down penis

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Hi, my foreskin stays about 1 centimetre down my penis when not erect, but when my penis is erect it goes about 2 centimetres down my penis and stays there. It is causing no pain. I am a little concerned that I may have Paraphimosis!!! I masturbate once a day. Is this normal for a 16 year old??

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Here is some information:

Normal, don't worry! However, if you are worried then go to the doctor

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Go to the Doctor if you have a problem later you might regret not seeing the Doctor. This happened to my Nephew recently. His Father has departed the home so he had no male to confide in and he was in terrible pain when he plucked up the courage to tell his Grandfather, who took him to the Hospital.

I said if you were worried, then seek medical advice. If you were that concerned, then why didn't you go to the doctor immediately instead of wasting time asking a question here? You couldn't have been that worried. I'd be interested to hear what the doctor said, or are you still dithering about visiting?

Do we understand you correctly ... when you suggest the forward end of your foreskin never touches or covers your glans, but is always located on your penile shaft, either 1 or 2 cm below the glans, depending on whether you are flaccid or erect?

If so, perhaps you would be advised to lengthen (and to a certain extent, widen)your foreskin. Over time simple tugging or stretching exercises with your fingers on a daily basis should do the job.

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