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black blotches on lips

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hello, i was wondering if anyone has any idea what this could possibly be on my lips. I have been to the doctors with it and she didn’t have a clue what it could be which is typical😂

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Are the areas of dryness to the right and left usual or new ? |Hyperpigmentation can be post inflammatory. An oral medicine specialist may be able to help . There is a wide range of possible causes, drug reactions, genetic , lichen planus etc.

the brown bits have been here for months and i have been tested for multiple things (sti) and there all clear which is good. it just worries me on the way i look so i need to find out what it is and the doctors arnt giving me much about it

I would go to the dentist, or back to the GP , and ask them to refer you to oral medicine

okay thank you

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