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birth control, prolonged period😡

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hey, sooo i’m on the mini pill and i’m new to it and have finished my 3rd month now but for the past 50ish days i have had my period and for me that is really tiring, has anyone got any advice to this as it’s kinda driving me crazy😩😩

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I was on that, I bled right from the beginning for 3 months straight, it drained the life out of me. I went back and said I wasn’t prepared to stay on it any longer, it showed no signs of stopping at all and I couldn’t take it, so they changed me to the combined and I’ve been great on that, been on it over a year now and am so much happier on it.

I did know someone who used to take 2 of the pills a day with the mini pill to stop bleeding but that was suggested by her gp so possibly they can do that? But you’d have to check with a gp

Hope it eases up for you :)

i phoned up my gp not long ago and they simply told me to wait it out, which i have done but they are going to phone for a chat soon so i’m hoping they suggest switching up pills. seriously tho pads in scotland are £3 a packet i’m sure, it might not seem a lot but when i’m going through a couple a week that’s not normal😂😂

thanks for the advice

Persistent unscheduled bleeding on the POP can happen. I would discuss with your local reproductive health clinic in Scotland to discuss an alternative method. 6 weeks of unscheduled bleeding suggests its not going to stop.

i’ll make sure and speak to someone and find a solution, it wasn’t exactly a heavy period it was calm but it sometimes would stop for a week or a couple days and come right back

do you think changing pills will help this problem?

It should as you are having unscheduled bleeding on the POP. There must be a reason you were given this rather than the combined pill. Unfortunately there are limited choices for POPs , and sometimes is a class effect rather than the individual pill. If you cant take oestrogens for some reason, a copper IUD or other progesterone only methods may help ( Depo , IUS , possibly implanon although you may bleed again with the latter )

when i started POP it was because i was smoking regular at that point

but within 3 months i have fully changed over to a vape. My doctor did warn that it might be unusual for the first couple months but i didn’t expect this at all

If you have changed your smoking to being vape only, you may now be able to take the CHC instead. I would go to a reproductive health clinic, they can do a proper assessment, then advised your clotting risk with the chc.

okay, thank you so much.

most welcome

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