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Itchy scrotum


I have been tested for all stds and negative several times.

I’ve had an itch in my anogenital area (scrotum, perenium, bum, bum cheeks) for several months.

Any idea what this could be?

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Suggest that you request an appointment with a dermatologist given that all of your sti test results were negative.

Joe why do you keep posting the same queries over and over ? I replied to the same question by you two months ago, and that was also not the first time you had posted this query.

"You have asked this question before in another post. Soap substitute ( aqueous cream or E45 ) emollients ( diprobase ) and a mild topical steroid like hc1%. Scabies can only be diagnosed by clinical examination but you cant get it through oral sex "

Did you follow this advice ? If you still have issues then you should attend a sexual health clinic .

Posting the same queries multiple times doesn't change the responses.

Joe89 in reply to Galen70

I know you have replied however was looking to see if anyone had any other suggestions.

Why would I go to a sexual health clinic if I have tested negative?

Any idea what the actual cause could be?

Galen70 in reply to Joe89

Because sexual health clinics deal with more than just tests, they can also examine you and advise about skin causes. I have already suggested it is a genital skin issue and given a possible management plan, as well as advising you to attend a sexual health unit.

Stop itching it

I think you mean scratching. itch is a symptom .

It could be worms or even as you have been told down to the soap, shower gel or washing powder you wash your clothes in

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