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Female masturbation


In my last few posts I have mentioned masturbation in my first one I was asking for a friend in my second one on my profile I was asking if what I described sounded like I had had an orgasm.

In this one I’m questioning it along the same lines again. I’ve been masturbating for a few weeks now with and without a vibrator. However, since my last post I haven’t been able to have any strong sexual pleasurable feelings. It’s kind of like my body has shut down if that’s possible? My clitoris isn’t sensitive. I hear so many people online saying that it’s like a pleasure button and when you use it you orgasm however it’s not like that for me and I don’t think it ever has been. So I don’t know what to do. I feel pleasure when I use my vibrator but I don’t want to get used to using that too much as I know it can desensitise you further and I don’t want to have to rely on that when at some point in the future I’ll have a sexual partner.

What should I do?

Any advice would be appreciated!

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I don't think using a vibrator or any other form of clitoral stimulation "desensitises" you. there can be many factors why sexual function may be affected - stress , depression, medication to help with these issues etc. Even your anxiety about sexual function may affect it . There are different forms of orgasm in women and different areas that women find stimulating . I am sure with a sexual partner sexual activity would be fine.

toastkid in reply to Galen70

You do get used to one form over another, rather than getting desensitised. Maybe that's what OP means?

Thank you

I’ve been doing more research for myself even after this post and I found that some women can’t stimulate themselves without a toy but is fine in sexual activity with a partner.

I’ll just keep trying different methods.

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