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I have now recurrently miscarried twice and consecutively also. My first was July 2019 and after trying for 15 months my second loss was October this year (2020). I found out 2 days ago that I am pregnant again but only with a very faint line. The line has got darker but I’m worrying which I think is just the anxiety from the previous pregnancies, should it be darker? I am roughly 4 weeks (last date of period 1/12/2020)

Also does anyone have any success stories they can share with me with successful pregnancies after a few miscarriages? I am really worried and the NHS offer no support to women like me at all, not at my hospital anyway. I’ve asked the midwifes to monitor me closely but they don’t care so going to try my drs today.

Thank you

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There are all positive pregnancy tests , and to my eye , all getting stronger, which would be consistent with early pregnancy. As you know at least 1 in 10 pregnancies miscarry, which is very sad but you may just have been unlucky twice. Here is some useful information from Manchester about when women can be referred to gynae for this problem :

I'd add that perhaps the NCT could provide some listening support for you. And possibly have some other women in similar situations. Good luck 🙏

I am not sure you should be advocating an individual clinician in a private service in the forum.

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Galen70 in reply to anonymous1-

Because that is promoting a private service , in effect advertising. I know the person is only trying to be helpful, but there are others who have posted spam links to spurious treatments , clinics etc

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Oh wow really? Didn’t know that.. thank you!

His clinic is in Epsom and st helier hospital, its nhs. This is where we visited him.

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Thank you but the link you posted was to a private service. Patients can be referred to a local service through their GP . I am sure you have had a good experience and only trying to be helpful but recommending indivuduals is probably outside the rules of the forum.

Xxxmnmzxx in reply to Galen70

Got your point, just shared our experience really and we have had a gp referal prior to the appointment. That was a mandatory requirement. And services in the clinic at hospital were free as we were dealt with under nhs.

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