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Pregnancy test


I have unprotected sex 9 days ago . Had bleeding for 2 days and thought it was strange cause I had my period 2/3 weeks ago . Took a pregnancy test and it’s positive ? Is this even possible

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Dear Suvs,

If you are pregnant I would see TWO distinct lines, one for "C" (control) and another against "T" (test).

I can only see one line against "C", so I'm not sure why you think you're pregnant.



Suvs3929 in reply to Adhari

their is 2 lines . 1 is darker than the other but their Is still 2 lines

Adhari in reply to Suvs3929

Sorry, this isn't visible on my PC. If you're worried, I would repeat the test a week or so later or else contact your local sexual health clinic and ask them for an appointment to repeat the test for you.


I would say there is a faint line there. Take another test to see if it gets darker

Yes I can see the faint line.I had it too and continue to test it gotten darker.I have been having dark brown discharge when I wipe and 1red spotting early on.I went in and they say most likely old blood and implantation.However;I’m high risk and need more hcg beta test to determine my outcome.Congratulations.Your just real dye is more accurate and that’s a faint positive.

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