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Marina Coil concerns


Hello, I’ve had my coil in for over a year now and I started off having no periods at all or slight spotting for a day but I’ve noticed over the past couple of months I’ve been having regular periods, and they’re heavier and darker than the spotting itself, is this normal or is it something I need to get checked out? I’m just worried something might’ve happened it to. Thanks in advance

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Dear crp,

I'm assuming you can feel the threads? Because it's not typical for your periods to return or to get heavier with the Mirena device; it should be the opposite.

I suggest you contact the clinic that fitted the Mirena and ask them for an appointment; difficult I know, but I think they should see you to make sure the device is in place, etc.



Hi there this is normal


Yes I've read lots of advice that periods can get heavier it's one reason I've been worried to get it myself but would ask for advice from someone at your GP surgery

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