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Why does my partner have thrush symptoms but i dont?


Every time i have intercourse, my partner gets thrush but i have no symptoms?

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Dear Candyfloss,

It's been estimated that between 10-20% of women harbour Candida yeast without displaying any symptoms. So it's possible that you may be one of these individuals and it's just unfortunate that your partner is particularly sensitive to the presence of vaginal candidiasis.

Just to be sure the diagnosis is correct and if you've never been tested, you and your partner should attend a sexual health clinic to be assessed when the problem flares up. Not possible/practical right now, but just a suggestion.

If this problem is affecting your relationship, I suggest you share the cost of a pack of "Canesten Pessary & Cream Combi" (Tesco- GBP 13.00)- you use the pessary(!) and ask your partner to apply the cream on his penis.



You do not give any details. Are you a gay couple ? or straight ? Ages ? which one of you has the thrush ? I am no doctor but it sounds to me like you have a simple vaginal yeast infection. can be treated at home. Have you tried google ? Try asking google the same question in different ways.....

Good luck.

We’re both 17 and we’re a straight couple, he just always seems to have symptoms but there is no sign of anything wrong with me, im not sure if it is thrush or not because he was checked out the first time and was diagnosed with thrush and was handed cream.

Ok I think you have a fungal infection. Make sure you do not use any deodorants or perfumes any kind around your vagina. EVER. Make sure when you wash use a Ph neutral soap like Dove, you dry THOUROUGHLY everywhere around the vagina. Use cotton underwear. Avoid tight clothing around the hips and inner legs. Let the vagina breath.

Make sure BF cream is canestan.

Now here's the killer...stop sex for a few weeks...yeh I know......but this thing need to clear up.

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Daabren you are mixing up advice here as regards possible triggers for BV vs candida. Alkaline substances like soaps and gels may trigger BV. I am also unsure what evidence base there is at all for tight clothing to trigger anything . Cotton underwear is just simply kinder on irritated skin.

There is no pH neutral Dove "soap" - there is however a pH neutral "baby Dove " which is a skin wash.

I would follow Adharis advice and self treat for candida. If your partners problems continue despite this, I would have him get reassessed at t sexual health clinic. Male patients with genital skin problems are most often told their problems are "thrush " when they are often not - dermatitis , eczema etc. Also if the problems continue, you could also have swabs via gp or sexual health clinic to see if there is any candida there.

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