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Is the copper coil still effective after 10 years?


Hi There,

I had a copper coil IUD fitted 10 years ago. My doctors surgery is closed because of lockdown so I won't be able to make an appointment to have it removed or replaced. Should I be concerned about the effectiveness of the IUD at this stage?

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Hi blackricecake,

It depends on how old you are. As you're aware, fertility declines with age, especially after age 40 yrs.

The UK Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Health supports extended use of the Copper-IUD when inserted at age 40 or over, but if you're <40 and having regular periods, it would be safer not to rely on the IUD if it is (over)due for replacement and to use an additional contraceptive until you get the the coil replaced.


Thanks Adhari for the advice, that puts my mind at ease a bit. I'm 46.

What arrangements have been made for your alternative gp appointments? Ours are triage over the phone but most definitely open. We all have a right to access gp advice.

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