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Help I need advice feeling paranoid


Hi there, I just wondering if anyone could give me some advice. My period came 2 days early then expected I had all the symptoms that it would come e.g back ache the usual. It started of heavy for 2 to 3 day then on the 4th days it was just few red drops here and there and I started getting breast ache and head aches. By the 5,6 day it was just light brown discharge this carried on till day 7 this is how my period would normally end but I’m still experiencing headaches and slight breast ache my period stopped yesterday like expected. I can’t be pregnant as I have been using condoms and haven’t had any breaks whilst using them. I ovulated on 12th of December and I looked up implation dates and they said it’s not possible to be that either. Could a simple Cold be throwing off my cycle. I haven’t had any sickness just headaches stuffy nose a cough. Period started on the 26th and ended on the 1st Jan?

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