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Herpes simplex type 1

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I'm a 23 yr old female and I've had herpes simplex type 1 (genital) for just over a year.

I just wanted to get some advice and hear some experiences from others who have this- what triggers your outbreaks? how often do you get outbreaks? have the number of outbreaks decreased over time? do you take any medication for this? (I know these things vary person to person, but i'm just genuinely interested to hear others' experiences!)


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Hey. I’ve had herpes for about 3 years now. Never had an outbreak since the first one where I got tested. I also have a friend who’s had it for roughly the same time and she also hasn’t had an outbreak.

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Thanks for your response Paige. May I ask which type you have?

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Hey, no worries. I honestly am not too sure, however I got it from my boyfriend who had a cold sore on his lip at the time, and we were both uneducated so didn’t realise what could happen. I got tested at the GUM clinic I believe it’s called, and they just called me and told me to confirm. The nurse did say it was the worst outbreak she had ever seen and I dealt with the pain for a week before going to get help as I thought I just had a urine infection!

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Oh no, poor you! I can’t imagine having to deal with the pain for that long. The first outbreak is definitely the worst!

I have type 2 also genital. I’ve noticed I tent to have an outbreak when I’m on my period. Not always but that’s usually when I have one

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Hi, thanks for your response. I’ve heard it’s quite common to get outbreaks with your period. I think my main trigger is probably stress or weakened immune system due to colds etc.

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