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Genital wart

I have been with only one partner now for 18months. He has been checked out and so have I for any Sti and all clear , but I keep getting genertal warts and I haven’t told my partner, I have them frozen whenever I get them but I feel so dirty and disgusting getting these things, is there anything else that can be done about them and is there something the doctor can give me to use at home or freeze it at home because I hate going to the Swish clinic, I was given some drops to put on, but that did nothing and this is stressing me out , I don’t even like being intermitt because of that. Please advise anyone.

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Buy aciclovir take them regularly if u get warts all the time if it's just break outs then take them till the warts are gone. Go for a hot bath and put a teaspoon for salt in it (feels disgusting) after rinse with hot then cold water. Hope this helps


Thank you very much. Where can I buy this cream


Type it in Google and order it online. It's tablets

Or u can get from doctors


I think part of this advice is incorrect. Aciclovir is used to treat Herpes simplex (HSV). Genital warts are caused by human papilloma virus (HPV), a different virus altogether. Aciclovir doesn't work for this.


Thank you for your reply. What would you recommend I use instead please. I feel very dirty and depressed with theses warts and would like them gone ASAP.


I had genital warts myself about 10 years ago, so I'm not up to date with the best treatments. At the time like you I had my first one frozen off at the clinic. When several came back the clinic gave me a tube of Warticon cream. This burns the warts off and worked for me. It's a faff to apply though and needs doing every day for a week or so.

After a third crop of warts they stopped coming back for me and I understand this is quite common. So hopefully yours will eventually stop coming of their own accord.

Regarding sex with your partner, I would suggest avoiding sex while you have active warts rather than just relying on condoms. They're very contagious.

Best of luck to you


Can I buy the cream online please.


I've never tried so I don't know. Warticon is classified as a prescription only medicine (POM) so your best bet would be to try an on-line pharmacy and see whether they can give you an on-line doctors consultation. You already have a diagnosis so this seems reasonable.


If you are having re-occurring warts you need to go back to the clinic... again and again.

Why? because there are several courses of treatment and ... some look like warts, but they're not. So until you get the right treatment for your particular type then they will keep coming back. I think you need to tell your partner as you need to avoid sexual contact whilst you have them.


a few years ago I discovered the first of many genital warts while having a shower. At first i thought it was a spot or a mole, until more just kept popping up.. anyway to cut a long painful story short, after burying my head in the sand, I went to see my doctor. who then said go to the GUM clinic to get them frozen off. I was nervous but I had enough of trying to hide them from sexual partners. so I went for treatment and yay much to my disgust and amusement, they literally fell off after a few days. but then next month I had more and more and more. Some in the exact same place, some new ones. so I went back to the GUM clinic. I wasn't looking forward to it, it is quite painful. The nurse there froze them all off and by this time we had built quite a confidential rapport together. she asked about my diet, my lifestyle, did i smoke. and then she said did I smoke cannabis often? which my answer was yes. she then asked me you are really worried about these little warts aren't you? I said yes. its stressing me out a lot especially when I'm trying to have sex. she said to me they will keep on coming back if you are stressed, have a bad diet, and especially if you smoke weed.

I sort of listened and sort of didn't. well after a few more months I was back to square one, I had lost my then current partner from being honest about it with her. And from then on I just smoked myself silly, remained at high stress levels and ate really badly.

Then I started focusing on improving my life, I did a degree at nights, then after I had done that I got a new job, which I had longed for. I then started eating a lot better, well infact just eating really but eating a lot, healthy foods and the odd bit of fast food here and there. but none of this wouldn't have happened if i didn't stop smoking weed. it's been 19 months now, and i tell you. I didn't even notice that my warts had gone. I don't know when it happened. but I'd read up that if you leave them they could go on their own. I suppose every case is unique to the Indiviudal, but my advice is to stop worrying about them, focus on a long term goal, and change your lifestyle to suit.

I definitely feel the nurses advice finally rang true to me and that cannabis weakens your immune system more than most people realise. since I had stopped Im rarely ill, I'm a happier person and even if I did get another outbreak, I wouldn't worry like I did. I would recommend what the nurse told me, and with alot of things it's all in your head. For anyone who is worried or depressed or anxious about this. Stay positive and always use protection unless ofcourse you are planning to spend your life with someone.

and my advice would be to be absolutely straight from the moment it gets 'hot' with a new partner, however damning the outcome may be. they deserve the opportunity to make there own choice, especially if you know about it. if they reject you or leave you or whatever negative response you get, at least you know sooner that they aren't for you. I would have loved to have that chance to say no, or to have known the risk at least.

I do this for any new person I come into that sort of contact with, you have to accept all the flaws a person has. and i would never want to make anyone feel like i did. or many others have done.

sorry for the long message, but if anyone reads this, And are suffering in anyway, then I feel your pain. I've been there, done it and got past it. you can too!

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Fantastic. I’m glad you improved yourself for the better.

I have been with one man for 19 months now and noticed this a few months into our relationship, I haven’t told him, but before we did get intermite I asked him to have a test and because I haven’t been with anyone, I also had a test too. All was clear and then suddenly these things keep popping up, I’m very healthy, never have takeaways, don’t smoke, and only have a few drinks when I socialize, I keep fit etc, but this is stressing me out so much and I’m a very high sex drive and this is not doing anything for me at all , when I did go see the nurse, she said every one has this virus, but sometimes it just pops up and sometimes it don’t and apparently you don’t even have to have had sex to get them, that’s what I was told, they where really good to me and very understanding even I was there crying my eyes out because I felt so dirty about this awful thing.


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