Genital herpes

Hi there, just wondered if anyone else has breakouts whilst taking aciclivor? Haven't noticed a breakout since taking them back in march but I've noticed a small itchy bump which I think is a small breakout? Any tips on soothing the blisters?

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  • Personally i have found the tablets dont work. I use vagisil, as does my husband to ease the itch. It has lidocaine in it and may just need reapplication at some point through the day. Good luck x

  • Thank you so much ☺️x

  • You're welcome x

  • You could try Lomaherpan which contains 5% lidocaine... and contains lemon balm. The other one is Lidocaine BP formerly lignocaine, it's a topical anaesthetic, which should last 1-4 hours. They are both a bit pricey though. The vagisil is a cheaper option to have as a standby .

  • Thank you so much ☺️

  • I hope it does you some good. I take l-lysine a couple of times daily it's an amino acid which helps to inhibit the virus, however l-arginine another amino acid promotes it!! so it's a bit of a balancing act... nuts & seeds tend to be much higher in arginine., which is a pity as i like those and they are good for you within reason. Ideally, try to maintain your immune system. Eat well, keep off the processed stuff. Get enough sleep and try to exercise when possible... as it helps to keep stress at bay. Hopefully it will settle down and the outbreaks will become less.

  • Try upping the aciclovir dose for a couple of days if you feel an outbreak coming on. I’ve been on aciclovir for a couple of years now... low dose every day. I used a sun bed which brought on an outbreak... I upped my dose and it prevented any sores from appearing.

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