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Genital herpes

hi there, I've had genital herpes for just over half a year now and I'm still learning to deal with it. I've got a very supportive boyfriend, but I haven't told the parents as this is something I want to handle on my own (being as supportive as they are) I've been taking aciclivor twice a day for 12 weeks then I go back to the clinic for a review. I haven't had an outbreak on the tablets but I have when I'm off them. Just need some ideas on what helps soothe other people? I've head tea tree oil is good? I have another quiery too. Basically I have found that sex can be quite painful for me. With or without an outbreak. Sometimes I get a burning sensation after, I have swollen up a few times and other times it's just been very uncomfortable. This only lasts about a day and then it's gone? Obviously everyone looks on the internet for a diagnosis which is the worst thing to do but I just want to know if anyone else with herpes have found sex uncomfortable or sore?

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Yes I have had that uncomfortabl feeling during sex and after. Have to get in a bath after and it soothes it.

Make sure you are lubricated enough and I also get that feeling just before an outbreak .

sea salt baths once a week are also a good preventive method and vitamin pills.

Never tried tea tree oil with have to my next outbreak which hopefully isn't any time soon.


I highly recommend putting a tiny amount of bicarbonate of soda on cotton wool and applying it to any external sores. It WILL sting for a sec but clears everything up in a day. My breakouts were quite regular at one point and this helped with the discomfort and pain


Hello i have suffered for about 6 years now. I have found that keeping myself as healthy and well rested as possible keeps flare ups away. Reducing the amount of stress you are under too. When i have sores i have found that a lidocaine based cream such as vagisil is a life saver from the irritation, itching and pain. In time you will begin to recognise when you could be getting a potential flare up (fluttering skin sensation in pelvic and thigh area). I take this as a hint to slow down because as soon as i become down i will get a flare up. Lots of sex can also lead to a flare up. Lota of lubrication is needed. I too get the dry and puffy moments.


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