Thrush and pain during sex?

I am 16 years old and I started having pain during intercourse with my partner around 3 months ago, it came randomly and neither of us knew why. It was perfectly fine before that 3 months. When it started happening I have been worrying myself up until now, I have guessed that it is thrush and had treatment (three months later) but I'm scared to have intercourse again as what if it does hurt. It isn't a deep pain it's close to the beginning but it is definitely inside.. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced pain and if I'm just overthinking it and the pain will be gone but what if the pain isn't gone!! I'm thinking about this way too much but I've never had pain before and it's worrying me:(

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  • Honestly don't worry! The pain I had with sex when during having herpes was bad at the time. I didn't know I had it and after I was told I had it I was scared and worried to have sex again but i left it for a while until I was cleared and eventually had it again and it wasn't painful.

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