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Contraceptive help

So I have been taking cerazette contraceptive pill for 10 days. I didn't start whilst on my period, I started taking them to avoid having my period, but this happened anyway. I've not changed my pill back to what it was which is a combined pill called rigevidon. When will I be covered for sex? I'm confused whether to wait 7 days, two weeks or the whole packet 3 weeks. Do I count the week and a bit from the old packet?

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7 days is how long to wait before you're covered. It will take longer than a month of taking them for your body to get used to it.

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It takes 7 daily pills for you to be covered contraception wise on the combined pill, the only time when you're immediately covered is when you start the pack on the first day of your menstrual cycle. If you've started a new brand of pill half way through a pack, just to be safe, you should use other contraception methods such as condoms until the 7 days are up. Have fun and be safe :)


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