Advice please

Been with my partner for 10 months and I have been diagnosed with chlamydia with symptoms only showing a week ago. I abstained from sex for a year prior to meeting him. He says he has not slept with anyone else in the 10 month period! Could he have been infected before but it could take 10 months to infect me? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks

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  • It is highly possible you have had it for longer but only just starting showing symptoms. Unless you had an sti before starting a relationship with him, you could of passed it to him. Chlamydia does not have symptoms for around 50% of those infected, just because you have started showing symptoms doesn't mean you didn't have it.

  • Time doesn't mean anything for chlamydia so either of you could've had for years, there's no way of knowing so just get it treated

  • Also, it wouldn't have taken ten months to infect you, you would've got it the first time you slept with him but the symptoms didn't show for ten months. Again, you could've given it to him, you'll never know.

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