Hi, my boyfriends ex gave him chlamydia by cheating on him and not telling him. He got it seen and treated, however he finds it burns when he goes toilet and is in pain when not doing anything? Could this be that again or something else? As he's too awkward and embarrassed to go doctors. Plus I want him to hear this from someone else to make him realise to get it checked!

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Its important he gets checked, I've always been careful with getting checked out but more for my peace of mind I've had chlamydia twice its not nice but I've always got checked out I've never slept about either just always been unlucky I guess. But it could be something else and he'll never know unless he gets himself checked over

Why doesn't he like to go get himself checked?


He's normally good with getting checked but he's self conscious and if he thinks that he might not need to go he'll playvthat as long as he can but thanks I'll get him to go get checked


When you get treated for chlamydia you're meant to go back after 3 months for a check up to make sure the drugs worked and it's totally out of your system, sounds like it might not be so he really should go back.


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