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Okay, here it goes, I'm 15, female and I have a long term boyfriend who I want to take the next step with

I know people will ask if I'm sure and I am.

I have no idea about what contraception to use or how to get it.

I could use condoms and contraceptive pill or morning after?

I wouldn't be having sex all the time, like every day, it would be once every week or two

I really do not want my parents to know, as a privacy thing.

Should i go to a walk in clinic and get the pill prescribed or should I use the morning after?

Using a condom is a given, but I want to know about the pill scenario...

So what I'm asking is what is the best contraception for me to use in my situation?

Thank you so so much for any help!:)

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The morning after pill is for emergencies only and can make you infertile if you take it too many times so that is absolutely not a first pick method of contraception.

Just go to your local gum clinic or GP and explain that you'd like to go on the pill, they aren't allowed to share anything you tell them with anyone including your parents. they'll be able to advise you on what's the best one for you etc.

Don't feel embarrassed about discussing it either, they'll be pleased that you're being careful and thinking about these things!


Btw didn't mean to scare you with the infertile thing... You can take it plenty if needed it just shouldn't be relied upon every time


You have lots of options! I'd personal recommend the contraceptive implant or the pill (normal or "mini") as long as you think you could take a pill every day.

has loads of advice.

Theres no evidence that emergency contraception is linked to infertility.


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