how to get comfortable going to the doctor with genital problems?

i havent had sex in 2 years but started having problems, my penis seems swollen, unless im having a very late growth spurt or something, im 23, last time i went to the doctors i was given a cream for thrush which made the redness go away, and anti biotics, but it still seems swollen, but i would have thought if something was wrong with me it would get worse, i keep having water infections for some reason, like frequently needing to pee every so often, even though i had just been its i can go weeks without that happening, ive heard thats a bad sign for men, im not comfortable being examined and ill do pretty much anything to avoid it, i dont get much pain, just every so often in my penis and stomach more like soreness. thanks for any help...

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  • You are not alone in feeling uncomfortable in going to your GP (who you have to go to for all manner of other reasons too) about such things. I'm sure your GP (and you) would be fine if you did, but would you feel more comfortable going to your local GUM (GenitoUrinary Medicine) clinic? You can be anonymous if you prefer, and as they are specialists in that field they treat a huge variety of genitourinary conditions, so you can feel very sure you won't be judged, but will be checked out thoroughly. You are obviously concerned, so it would either get you whatever treatment you need, or set your mind at rest if everything is okay.

    good luck.

  • I think you need to sex a sexual health specialist doctor who'll be completely at ease discussing problems like these.

    Look on and search the clinic finder for your nearest sexual health clinic.

  • i did talk to doctors its pretty hard to get an appointment, they told me to use clotrimazole cream, and now it seems different, i get swelling whenever i try to urinate and a little bit of completly confused by this just one problem after another

  • Clotrimazole is an anti-fungal - the doctor's trying to treat (amongst others) thrush. It made a difference - which is good, but it may be there is another problem, possibly related to your original post about a recurring water infection. There's no guarantee that an antibiotic given to you is the right one - a bit of trial-and-error isn't unusal (and you must MUST MUST complete the full treatment of antibiotics even once everything seems to be fixed!!). Your description now sounds like an infection/irritation of the urethra/bladder - but you need (more) medical help... I'm afraid. Don't worry about being confused and having multiple problems - you might have to battle a bit to win. Just one piece of advice: don't give up!

  • i had a urine test, came back nothing wrong not even any blood this time, i let the doctor examine me and have some different cream now, he said its half steroid half anti fungal, soo just gotta hope it works, i havent had any pain now just swelling, he also said people who exercise alot can have this problem and its common in men

  • This sounds good - both the treatment, and (hopefully) you not worrying so much about going to the doctor. Don't assume this *is* the magic potion *just in case it isn't* - but with luck (and a bit of educated guesswork from a doctor) it will be. But the solution to your problem is undoubtedly going to be... persistence... (I wonder what the swelling is? And the link with exercise...?).

  • well i dont have any pain, and im not rushing off to pee every 5 minutes now...but i think its still swollen, there is no bruising or anything though so i guess hes right with skin infection just gotta wait, thanks for the help :)

  • You havent had sex in 2 years so u r not sti u should go to GUM(GenitoUrinary Medicine) clinic more.

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