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Extremely painful sex and bleeding?

I've tried to have sex almost 10 times now with my boyfriend. I am a virgin, he isn't and he's well...endowed. We both want to have sex and it is safe. However, it is soooo painful he has to pull out each time before it's even in at all. Sometimes hardly anything can get in. Everytime I bleed and it's painful and often the bleeding lasts a day. We have tried everything! Lube, condom on, condom off, drinking wine, different positions. Nothing works and it's really upsetting me and I know it's frustrating for him. What can I do? I'm running out of answers and I desperately need some kind of help. I've heard this is normal but it doesn't seem to be getting any better? I don't think its psychologically and some people just say to me to man up and deal with the pain?

Please help, I really need some advice.

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Lube and relaxation are the key. But maybe get to a local sexual health clinic so they can examine you, Just to make sure there are no skin conditions affecting your genital area and causing the problem.


Just wanted to repeat - lube and relaxation. It sounds like you and your boyfriend are being pretty sensible so if you can, agree up-front to only go "as far as comfortable" then have fun seeing how far this is...Remember: it's NOT a quest to get it all in!!! It will take a few times - the bleeding should either not happen or lessen each time, and it should get easier. If not, it's worth a check (for you) with the GP/STI clinic to make sure the route's clear... Good luck.


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