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  • Hi all, I was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago with AN it was a scary shock, I just thought I had lost my hearing in my left ear! I am coping at...

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  • Hi all, A month ago I was finally diagnosed with a very small AN. I say finally as getting to this diagnosis has been a 15 month journey...

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  • I had my AN removed 2yrs ago and have started to get a springing pain at the operation site and a pulsating feeling.Has anyone had this...

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  • I had surgery nearly 18 months ago to de bulk a 3cm AN. I recovered well and returned to work after 6 weeks (probably a bit to soon with...

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  • I had my surgery to remove a large AN on 10th Sept 1987. This was also my wedding anniversary. The surgery left me with paralysis on the...

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  • I had 2.8 AN which increased to 3cm in a single year....almost 4 years after gamaknief. I'm really stressed. Need advise??? Also is there...

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  • I've just been diagnosed with a 20mm acoustic neroma feeling very overwhelmed with the whole thing at the moment have seen ent & nurosurgeon...

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  • Previous message should read Dalek (not darling) I blame predictive text

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  • Has anyone posting about hearing distortion experienced robotic hearing or described like a darling?

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  • Hellp everyone. I've had tinnitus for more than 20 years. Recently I took a heavy dose of antibiotics and started to feel dizzy all the...

  • If so, where was it carried out finally? Where/how did your journey start? Did you have to go to a specialist centre? Were you referred, or...

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  • Hi I found my acoustic neuroma year ago I had last MRI scan in June also I got 5mm left side cerebellum cyst. Doctor said is no change in...

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  • Hi, I wonder if anybody can give me a bit of advice please .... I have lost significant amount of hearing and consultant sent me for MRI as...

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  • Hi. I have recently had an MRI scan due to hearing loss and been told by ENT consultant that I have an Acoustic Neuroma of 1cm. He has...

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  • One year post op and my tumour is still swollen, is that unusual?

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