Baby and Us
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I’m 40w4d and still no sign of baby

I’m not actually allowed to go full term with a baby. Both my chiropractor and physiotherapist have said I’m not allowed to carry full term because I have a curvature in my spine. And it’ll only cause it to get worse.

It’s extremely painful to the point I’m unable to do the most simplest of things and I’m having to stay in bed all the time which isn’t doing me any good. I haven’t mentioned it To my midwife because I keep forgetting (baby brain)

I’m seeing the midwife tomorrow and I’m going to ask her about it then and if I can be induced

Is it likely she will say yes? Because technically it’s a medical reason and I’m full term so it wouldn’t effect the baby

I’m so worried she’ll say no, the pain is ridiculous and I’m not sure how much more I can cope with it. I’ve read all about inductions and I know the possible risks, but I shouldn’t even be this far along.