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Process of diagnosing autism in adults

Just wondering what the process is of diagnosing autism in adults.

I am 21, and soon going to go to my GP in regards of perhaps looking into seeing whether I am on the autistic spectrum (high functioning/Aspergers.. I am not too sure). There are many reasons for believing this, and both my parents agree I should also be checked too due to various reasons.

How do you tell your GP? Or do you literally say "Can I get checked for Autism?" and how likely is it they will do any action to get you referred to be thoroughly checked?

Plus, should I be referred, what actually happens? What sort of questions or checked do they do?

Lastly, as I am an adult, is it harder to be diagnosed/will I be taken less seriously?

Any answers/advice would be greatly received. Think I am just worrying a little. :)

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