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Been Referred, Desperately Needing Advice

I'm new to the board but could really do with some advice/support.

My four year old daughter has been referred to a paediatrician after being assessed by SALT. She's always been quiet but it really only became more obvious when she started nursery at three. She will talk at home (but not so much conversationally) and play happily with her older brother and sister. But at nursery she doesn't speak much at all, doesn't have good eye contact and doesn't play with other children but does play alongside quite happily. Two of my husband's nephews have been diagnosed as autistic so it is in the family.

We will need to wait another few weeks for this appointment to come through and I am feeling so anxious about it. I suppose what I'm asking for is the benefit of others' experiences and knowledge, and maybe some ideas on how I can improve her social communication skills? She's supposed to start school in August and I am so stressed at the thought of it.

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Hi Hoop

My grandson was diagnosed with autism when he was three. Raising him has been a family affair! Your daughter doesn’t seem profoundly affected and hopefully will be found to be highly functioning if she’s on the spectrum. If so I strongly recommend you take advantage of any expert services that are available. Autism is a unique disorder that even trained educators often fail to understand. Read everything you can find, especially material coming from the autistic. Watch the Temple Grandin movie. Be patient. Be loving. Don’t try to interpret behavior from a neurotypical viewpoint.


Thank you so much for your reply Jeast, it's a big comfort to hear from someone who knows this stuff, that alone is very reassuring. I will certainly look up that film, a Google shows a lot of interesting material I can look at. I just want to tackle this head on, so thank you again.


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