Staying sane while trying to takeaway my little boys troubles

Hi everyone my child is diagnosed with ADHD ODD and ANXIETY and they now believe he has ASD

In our area YORKSHIRE there is little funding for ADHD and medication is expected to work but my little boy is 10 and he is now really struggling with his emotions and anger n he is on daily meltdowns over little things can anybody help or suggest anything to try keep some peace as the actions are becoming life threatening and nobody seems to want to help??

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  • Hi Leggylei ,

    Your son sounds similar to my son (also 10). He also has a history of meltdowns, both at home and at school, which have had us at the end of our tethers at times to be honest. He has a diagnosis of ASD (High Functioning) but we've also been tempted to go down the route of ADHD diagnosis to try to help him out with support and coping strategies at school more than anything. More recently we have been increasingly identifying his behaviour with Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). It's associated with the autism spectrum and it's fairly new so not too many people know about it. I'm sorry to throw yet another possibility at you but have a look at the PDA website and see if it rings any bells. For a quick overview click on the link below:

    Sorry if this isn't any help, but's it's always worth exploring all the avenues.

  • Wow that was errrm a familiar read he was refused the asd diagnosis at 7 because he made eye contact which several professionals have said it's ridiculous I'm going to mention this because tbh I'm like chewing bricks recently the problems worsen the outcomes worse so anything right now would be of a help, thank you very much

  • No problem, happy to help.

    The downside of this is that it is still not very well known. All of the health professionals dealing with my son know of PDA, but when we first mentioned it to the SENCO at his school she had never heard of it. We live on Tyneside and the diagnostic route here just doesn't exist at the minute.

    It really seems to be a postcode lottery so hopefully you'll have better luck in Yorkshire!

  • Hi where about in Yorkshire are you? Have you asked for a referral to CAMHS. Also does your child have a statement of special needs? My son is 16 and has very complex needs : autistic spectrum disorder with global development delays, sensory processing disorder, severe learning disabilities, epilepsy, episodic dyscontrol behaviour syndrome. It's been really hard over the years to get the right help/ support and information.

  • Hi we are in West Yorkshire yes he is at camhs he's currently in a pupil referral unit and do not take into account his condition as every child is to be treat the same they have applied for early intervention but still waiting then the epg is next (statement) but just a waiting game they can't see him in mainstream any time soon so they are looking into positive futures to do work with him only problem there is getting him to participate (he likes his comfort zone)

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