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Hi, my son has finally got an appointment for concern is..he easily gets bored and that he may not show willingness to participate in the activities given to him.. we waited 9 months for this appointment and his current school is so desperate to find out the outcome. How soon will they give me the result of this test? How long does the test take? As there is an advuse in the appointment letter to bring two small snacks..

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Hi Darene,

My son is the same - he finds participation in some diagnostic activities "embarrassing" and is reluctant to join in. The professionals involved in his ADOS really knew what they were doing though and got him to participate without any problem. It happened about 6 years ago now so I can't recall exactly how long we had to wait for the outcome but I don't think it was a long time...maybe two or three weeks. Ask how long you will have to wait at the end of the assessment so you get a realistic idea of what the time period will actually be

I've picked up a few things from the net that might help answer some questions for you, including how long the test takes (see links below). The first one is a similar question (with responses) from this site, two years ago. I hope they help.

Hope it goes well.

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Hi there,

I work in the field and have administered the ADOS assessment before. If they're only doing the ADOS then it shouldn't take too long to get the results back. If they're writing up a report then yes it may take at least a week but the results from the test are instant since the scoring can be done immediately after the test. Don't worry, the professionals should be able to find creative ways to keep your child engaged. Also, the ADOS can be administered in a very natural way. Your son should feel like he is just playing.

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