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Hi to all, I'm new here and this is my first post. My 17 year old son has Aspergers and Dyspraxia and at aged 6 I was awarded Dla for him. He's been studying at college for the last two years. I'm not well myself with fibromyalgia, low cortisol levels which means I have to take steroids on a daily basis, and I have quite severe depression. My son leaves college next month and I've just found out that I will lose £169 a week. £20 of this is child benefit which I expected when he turns 18 but £149 I'm in disbelief how this can be justified and I'm very depressed about the future and how I'm going to cope. At present I give my son £50 a week to spend. I certainly won't be able to do that nor a lot of things. Has anyone been in this position? Although my son may be able to get a job at interview stage I worry about him keeping one due to lack of social skills. I just don't know how I'll be able to cope with basic living let alone anything else. So any other parents that have been in this position I'd like to hear how you coped with it. Thanks

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  • There does seem to be a gap in the benefit system for these children, could you get him on another course until 18. When he can claim ESA. You could apply for an extension of child benefit of 20 weeks if you child registers with their local careers service, Connexions. They can help children with autism. Sorry only just seen your post.

  • Thanks, unfortunately I could not talk him into doing another year at college even though he didn't do very well. He's working part time selling Pretzels in Town. Could he register with Connexions even though he's working? Thanks

  • He should still be able to register with Connexions he may not be entitled to 20 weeks run on of child benefit it depends how many hours and how much he's earning. Well done to him for getting a job, a good start.

  • Ok thanks

  • Hi, my son is working 12 hours per week and he is also getting ESA. Contact work solutions at your local council.

  • Thanks Dottie, but my son works almost full time...for £5 per hour...it's terrible pay but he doesn't want to claim benefits.....he's happy working. And I couldn't persuade him nor do I think he'd be entitled. But thanks xx

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