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i think I might have autism

Hi, over the last couple of weeks I have been through an awful lot and it has put a wedge between my family, I have felt different all my life and I struggle with a lot of things, like letting go of things that happened in the past, my mum thinks that I have signs of autism since I was little as I stuggle with communication and social behaviour, I also feel that im different and that everybody has pushed menout forna reason and I cant explain it. I need help !! but I didmt know who to turn to.. can someone contact me and help

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My son has found this charity helpful, you could try contacting them.


Helping Out!!

I've been hearing about autism around me that I was lucky to find a nice and helpful psychotherapist. I first emailed her about my doubts who directed me to more info. I began with books on people who have similar situations especially I found that being female is a rare and new thing!! because boys and guys are known for it than girls/women (at North America???) that I heard about. Things were clicking yes in the books for me to understand myself!! I am not finish reading as I am overwhelm and relief that these books are describing me too!! I don't know if I should be happy or anger about my past happening/results. It took me awhile to follow with an appointment. Just two weeks ago I made an appointment which I am scared and alone. I feel like a sense of rightfulness with my research too that you reassured me. I can see and work with what I am!! Everything you said is what is repeated in the books. At least, you have mother who is helping you. I have parents who is unhelpfully supportive. I hope this helps you. As I read yours, it is assuring that I am not alone with your description.....If you want to buy or find the books, here is the website to the bookstore "" This is called the Parentbooks but the store has books on a lot of other issues.


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