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concerned mum

i have a 5 year old daughter who has changed drastically over the past year the following symptoms

: developed many phobias

:hates loud noises

:severe seperation anxiety

:refuses to eat meals

she gets very frustrated and has huge tantrums shes a very clever little girl who is above average in all her schooling does anyone have any suggestions please

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It sounds great that you are aware of your child, whether she has autistic symptoms or not.

A child with autism must be with social skill disorders like,

# Lack of verbal communication

# Cognitive disabilities

# Repetitive behaviour

# Lack of eye contact

# Severe separation anxiety (as you said)

You have to match these characteristics with your daughter's behaviour. If all these match then please go to the paediatrician.

If unfortunately your daughter will be diagnosed with autistic disabilities, then behavioural intervention is very essential to make her social and interactive.

But as autism is strongly genetic, you should go for HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy). HBOT is an oxygen therapy to repair the impaired neuronal tissues of an autistic brain.

If you want to know How does HBOT work? You may go through

As your daughter is of 5, it is the right age of diagnosis, because early diagnosis and early treatment on or before the age of three can be helpful for an autistic one to make them normal.

So, all the best :)



Some of the symptoms you've described seem to indicate that she may have elements of Aspergers or High Functioning Autism. It may be worth contacting National Autistic Society and ask for their advice. If she does have Autistic traits, then you could ask for your GP to refer you to a suitable support service in your area. I think there are a lot more children's services nowadays.

I was never diagnosed with this when I was a child and have only recently discovered my condition as an adult. However, I was very fussy with my food and my mother was kind enough to cook separate meals for me as I wouldn't eat otherwise. I think I was never diagnosed for this condition as I did well in my schooling and the schools did not really get concerned with my difficulties in fitting in socially except when there was an incident where I was clearly being physically bullied.

I understand your concerns, but you need to balance the positive traits of this condition against the negative traits and use the support services that are available.


Hi there, some of the things u describing sounds like my son, ive now been waiting 6 months for him to see a specialist, hes nearly 5 and he is a very fussy eater, he dont play well with others only when he feels like it, he likes his own space and he loves routine (bed time ect) he has bad anger outbursts, he lashes out at other usually his big brother! also he bites his hands and scratched himself down each side of his face in frustration, sorry in advance but also he never have a number 2 in the toilet only in nappy but happily wee in the toilet.... if u or anyone else know or have a child similar and have any idea what wrong or tips that can help me would be very helpful and very greatful... thanks for reading


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