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This is about my son, He's 4 years old now, but since an early age he seems to be very different to other children. As a baby he constantly cried, never seemed to be happy at all. I couldnt take him the shops as he would scream the place down but now as he is older he just runs away an hides and won't answer when I call his name. He seems to also get obsessive over different things, might be a song or a toy, or phrases he has heard, which he uses in a very dramatic way using strange facial expressions. He also seems to ask a lot of people what house number they live at and remembers them for a long time. He also seems to do a repetitive run from one place in the house whilst humming and he could do this for hours on end if he hasn't been told to stop as it can be dangerous sometimes. He had an obsession with Thomas the tank a few years ago, which he distinguished each character through facial expressions, not actual colour or number. He doesn't seem to follow even the simplest instructions no matter how much I say it to him. He has melt downs a lot, although these are less frequent now he is older. That's just a few things really, I'd be here all day writing them all. I'm just not sure what to do? if I'm honest, he's a lot to handle and I sometimes struggle to deal with his emotional meltdowns an behaviour.

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  • well i think you really have to take him to a doctor the younger he is the better the doctors can help they might tell you to change hes daily routine i think it needs alot of work and will be by step by step and hopefully he could become slowly better by time was he normal when he was born ? did he had any heath problems?

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  • Hi, thanks for your comment. He's recently started school in September, and his behaviour is awful. Teachers keep calling me in, he's not following instructions, just tells them no all the time, he hides from the teachers and covers himself up with coats, he won't keep still at 'carpet time' and is forever getting sad faces. I went to the doctor in middle of September but she said to get school nurse to keep an eye on him and go back if his behaviour and 'strange things' didn't stop. To be fair I find it a lot easier now he's older, he's nowhere near as bad as he was from the ages of 1-3 years. Maybe I'm just coping with it better though? I'm just so unsure. If I'm honest, I know things arnt 'normal' but I don't want to seem like I'm over reacting. He was born premature, at 35weeks, slight breathing difficulties and very small but nothing major xx

  • dear miss McKenna

    I want to know what the doctors exactly said to you about your son.

    try talking to him and find out what does he like doing and what makes him happy make him enjoy hes live as a child and for sure they are right get a nurse which can help with hes issue

    does he got autism and if he does they said the older he gets the better they will grt but as you know autimic people will have autism forever it depends on wich one he got so people are highly functional which is good but that is what you need to find out from the dr it self

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  • Hello Sir,

    It seems like your child or your boy has autistic symptoms like,

    # Verbal communication disability

    # Cognitive disability

    # Repetitive behavior

    # Social skill impairment

    These are all autistic symptoms. Did you take him to doctor? If it is autism then it can't be incurable but you can reduce the symptoms with these multiple disorders by using HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy). To know more about HBOT, you may go through