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Welcome to the community! Please introduce yourself and share your story!

Welcome to the autism community! This community has been created with the assistance of the The Autism Centre to provide you with a space to connect with other caregivers and patients.

Please introduce yourself to the group and share your great advice and support! The communities on HealthUnlocked are open and friendly environments where members can share their stories in confidence. By sharing it you'll be helping many people who are going through the same event as you and you'll also foster a great environment for the community to grow and prosper.

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Hi. I have Autistic daughter who'll be 13 in November. She is on the whole a happy sort as long as things are as she likes. she can talk but a lot of it is quotation and unless you know where the quote is from you prob wont know what she's on about even as her mum and sole carer at home, I don't understand her sometimes! The main two reasons am on here are one she is due to start periods soon and this worries me so any advice welcome, and has anyone got any ideas, potions anything to stop itching. She gets spots on her bottom and she will not leave them alone. She has had to have 3 lots of antibiotics in the last year but that is all drs will do, I have tried TCP, Sudacrem, bite cream designed to stop itching nothing works and they just keep coming back her poor bottom cheeks look like war zone HELP! She also seems to have a compulsion to opposite things even not in her favour or nothing to do with her does that ring a bell with any one. All advice gratefully received thanks


Hello I'm Clare.

I'm a mum of a great 3 year old boy, Sam who was diagnosed with autism in December 2014. He doesn't yet talk, potty or understand anything other then simple commands but he love tickle fights, fish, bubbles and cars. He babbles a lot lately so I'm hoping words will soon follow. He likes his routine and loves going to nursery (phew!). He even has been trying to join in at song times and story times at nursery. I love him to bits and am trying my best to help him. :)

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