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Apart from severe bruising, has anyone had broken bones, sprains etc. as the result of a fall?

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I haven't had a severe fall for a while, and had begun to get a bit complacent.

This morning I excelled myself, nearly squashing the cat and almost

giving my husband a heart attack. I did what must have been an amazing

pirouette (after bending to feed the cat) , damaged a chair, bounced off a wall,

lost my glasses (thankfully not broken) and ended up on the floor. I never

cease to be surprised when there are no broken bones.

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when I feel like im going to fall I try to grab on to something and lower myself to the floor then I have the problem of getting up of course which is another problem im always covered in bruises from walking in to things as well as falling but touch wood up to now no broken bones take care

This happened in the utility room, and I would normally have held the edge of

the sink when bending. For some reason logic flew out of the window, and

away I went! Walking into things drives me mad! Also, when either your hand

or foot has a mind of it's own can be very painful. I agree, it's a real struggle

to get upright again, so frustrating. Glad to hear your bones are intact!

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jurgen in reply to wobblybee

Hello "wobbly",l

they sell "Let´s Go" for EUR 189,-- (= ca. 150,-- Pounds)


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I wrenched a friends shower curtain down to break my fall.

I took my wife for a walk in the surf whilst on holiday in France. She tripped and I wasn't holding her well enough. She broke her ankle. The tide was out a long way and starting to come in. We had both our young children with us. We look back and laugh about it now but at the time I was beginning to panic as the nearest person was miles away!

Hello "wobbly",l

why don´t you use an indoor-rollator ?

I´ve got two- one I´m using downstairs, and the other one is

for upstairs.

As I said : the Swedish "Let´s go" is 1st class


& might well prevent your husband from having a heart attack.

Of course, you miight get the "Let´s go" 2nd hand. (--->half price ?)


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jurgen in reply to jurgen


The handles are soft and comfortable and adjustable in height to suit different users

Includes a removable tray for transporting a dinner plate, a cup of coffee, a watering-can or any other items- 16.5 x 13.8 in (42 x 35 cm)

Includes a fabric basket attached with Velcro, for carrying somewhat bigger objects-max. load 6.5 lb (3 kg)

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I fell and broke my hip, I couldn't understand it I have had worse falls.The hospital said it is not the fall it is the way you land.

Take care



Our shower curtain is also partially hanging off, not me, my daughter!

The last time I was on a beach, it was narrow with a steep slope, I kept

veering left towards the water. Wasn't it Neal Kinnock who fell in the surf?

Thanks for the tips re rollator, I can see one on the not too distant horizon.

I was a whizz in M&S yesterday with a trolley!

Fifa, how awful. I was lucky the way I landed, big bottom, soft landing!

When my husband comes back we are leaving for Stansted, I must shake a leg,

if you know what I mean!

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Hi Wobblybee,

Lucky for you that no bones were broken. Diagnosed with SCA6 about 25 yrs ago. Broke rt leg in two places, rt wrist, and last October fell in kitchen, dislocated shoulder, broke arm and tore ligaments. On the mend now, but "ataxia" gait means wheelchair lest I fall again and undo the good work of the surgeon. Good physio helps a lot, but I find that being dependent on a very patient husband difficult to come to terms with. Try to keep my mind working by following online courses and spirits up by counting my blessings.

The latter doesn't always work! I can be volatile through frustration!

Nice to have found this site and be able to share with others.

Best, Sally

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wobblybee in reply to woodesden

😉Take good care of your bones Sally, you've had more than your fair share of mishaps.

I depend a lot on my husband, we're lucky in that we can🙂 But this site is very supportive, no-one understands better than a fellow ataxian😉 Everybody should have an outlet to release pentup feelings of frustration etc and it's far better to do that here than involve a spouse, or partner etc🙂 Frustration can also make me volatile, my husband has learned raise his eyebrows and bite his tongue😉

I've done some online courses too, hoping to keep the cogs running😉 I always start off motivated and with good intentions..😉 Concentration on new subjects isn't what it was, I'm very easily distracted and inclined to be too kind to myself by having regular coffee/cake breaks😉xBeryl

Thanks Beryl. So glad to "chat" with another ataxia. I agree that non-sufferers don't understand and must admit that it's easier for me to say I'm fine than to try to explain the symptoms. I sometimes think that others imagine I don't try hard enough, but that probably says more about my own feelings of inadequacy than them. Have had loads of laughs re my wobbles; some people think that I'm very drunk - especially after a pub meal!

Have a good day and thanks for chatting.

Best, Sally

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