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Antidepressants - a double edged sword?

Some people wouldn't touch them with a barge-pole. But, for me, they turned

my life around. My Neurologist said the medication may make symptoms worse,

but I felt there was no choice but to try them. The calming effect feels nothing

short of amazing, after years of mental torture. Short-term memory seems

a bit 'iffy' but so what!

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Hello "wobbly",

using antidepressants is VERY tempting, really

Once a doctor (who didn´t know much about my SCA , I think) prescribed

a treatment of anxiety or panic attacks= benzodiazepine (lexotanil)

But, because of the side effects I now take Ginco-pills only



Hi Jurgen!

I decided to try them as a very last resort, my state of mind was in total disaray.

But, as I said, for me it was an amazing transformation. I take the minimum

dose of Sertralene. For years, I had been 'all round the houses' in my quest

for an answer to my situation, having gotten no-where with GPs. By the time

I finally (just last year) got diagnosed, I'd reached the end of my tether. BUT,

every cloud has a silver lining, and now I feel much better!


my gp put me on dthiopan for a few weeks before he told me the good news [a hint of sarcasm there] as not a lot is known about the subject some antidepressants are supposed to reduce coq10 levels those containing tri??? something I can't remember low levels may be linked to ataxia they are also known to produce lumps called gynoclomastica or something like that so when my gp sent me for a mammogram [embarrassing for me a man or what] because he thought I had breast cancer the specialist said why did he send me my advice would be to avoid them but talk to a doctor before you do anything


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