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Covid making ataxia worse?

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I had covid over the Christmas period and my ataxia got worse and then has remained worse! Has anyone else experienced this?

13 Replies
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I haven’t had Covid myself but..this has been discussed previously, below is a link…

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Hi hab29, yes I had covid two weeks before Christmas, not nice. I had fever for four days, was hard to go down. Left me with a cough even when tested negative. It has made my balance worse, with more tiredness and my full taste is still not right. Would not like to have it again put it that way. I did not get to see my specialist because of covid he did ask me if it had made my ataxia worse, so I think it may do. Let’s hope it wears off. All the best.


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Believe me covid is real. My brother and nephew have had it and they both did not have the vaccine.


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I havb

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I had COVID over Christmas and I’m fully vaccinated (had a fever, achy muscles and congestion/cough). I have Ataxia due to Niemann Pick C (NPC) and was definitely affected! My balance is really compromised and still is!

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I'm sorry but if you don't believe in Covid then how can you believe that vaccines are the problem. I'm sure that the families of over 6m people worldwide that have died will tell you it's real 🤔

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Veteran250 in reply to Tallguy101

Covid is real, you better believe it, I lost three members of my family during the pandemic, my elder Brother, my Son, and my Brother in law!

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suzie44na in reply to Veteran250

So sorry you lost your loved ones, very sad.


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I had a test kit, it was positive for covid. I get it Christmas shopping off someone. I guess we will agree to disagree then, really hope you don’t get it , it is not nice. All the best.


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I havent had Covid but I do have Ataxia SCA6. I'm curious what ataxia symptoms got worse. I'd appreciate more details. I hope you're better now.

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Dear hab29

Any stress on the body can make the symptoms of ataxia worse. When the stress has gone the worsening of ataxia symptoms will eventually settle to the level they were at before the stressful event happened.

Any illness, Covid included, puts the body temporarily under a lot of stress. How long it takes for the Covid virus to completely go and for worsened symptoms of ataxia to settle is different for everyone.

The Christmas period was a relatively short time ago. I have ataxia and had Covid for the first time last June. My ataxia symptoms, particularly fatigue and balance when walking, significantly worsened and didn't return to pre-Covid levels for over a month after I started feeling completely better, which in itself took about a month.

As I said the recovery time is different for everybody. Some will take a shorter time than me, other longer. Although very frustrating I know, please be patient.

In the meantime please do make sure that all your vaccinations/boosters are up to date.

All the best

Harriet (HarryB)

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I had Covid-19 Christmas 2021 and it definitely made symptoms worse and my neurologist said all patients say it does and like somebody said any stress on the body makes Ataxia worse. My ataxia is immune related, deteriorated quickly and I cannot say if it improved. At the time I had had all the vaccinations available And I am glad I did because I cannot help but think, that if I hadn’t, I would’ve had, a much more severe case, than the mild symptoms I had.

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I have but the ataxia doctor doesn’t agree with me. He says it is just figure of my imagination caused by anxiety. Have you seen a doctor? Have you been believed?

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