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Should I take the Covid 19 vaccine?

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I have not taken the covid 19 vaccine for fear that will worsen my ataxia symptoms. I have cerebellar ataxia. I would like to know how this vaccine has affected my fellow ataxia suffers.

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Take it! I have had both doses, no side effects, extremely safe

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I've had both. No side effects at all and surly feeling a bit poorly for a couple of days is better than a dose of Covid

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Thank you so much!🙂

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The advice from both AtaxiaUK, and the National Ataxia Foundation, is to have the vaccine. I’ve had both doses of Astra Zeneca, and I’ve been fine 🙂 barely a sore arm and no after effects. I have Cerebellar Ataxia.

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Thank you so much!☺

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I have had both jabs with no side affects.... go for it, sooner rather than later👍🙂🌈

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Also have cerebellar ataxia , had the two COVID injections . They made no difference to the ataxia symptoms. Hope this helps you.

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I was sceptical but my husband persuaded me it's my duty to protect everyone.. glad I did. X

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Go for it sweetie, I have not noticed that I’m worse for having the vaccine - you’ll be protected against covid, which could be a lot worse for you x

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Take the vaccine without delay

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I have SCA1 and I took 2 doses. After 1st I felt poorly headache and tiredness but after the 2 nd I felt fine. So do take care when you take it. Good luck

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Hello, I live in the United States so chose to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. I had just one reaction to it, and so far, my husband (who got it more recently) has had none. I'm not sure if you get the J&J vaccine in the UK? The one reaction I had was an episode of ataxia - however, I may have accidentally ingested gluten a couple days before my shot, so tend to think it was due to that, not the vaccine. I hope this helps, and that you can get your vaccine safely. I wish you the best of luck.

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Thanks! I also live in the US☺

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I had two doses of Astra Zeneca and a bit fatigued for a few days but felt so lucky to have had them and absolutely fine now please have them protect yourself it could make your symptoms worse if you caught the awful virus xx

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Thanks so much!☺

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Go for it! I have CA too, and I have taken both jabs, of the vaccine, with only minor soreness.

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