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Adrenaline is not my friend!


I have noticed that any rush of adrenaline, from a sudden shock to delivering training for a large group of people for work, makes me super wobbly. I couldn’t walk at all for about an hour after a mouse jumped out from behind my curtain. Anyone else have this?

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Any stress or andrenaline situations leave me absolutely exhausted.

Was with my parents when they had a very small accident in the car last year. Just hit the tyre on a kerb and got a puncture. I was exhausted afterwards.

Me too!

Sudden movement around me sets me off

yes very much so... I used to get physically sick but a course of psychotherapy helped me to conquer it.

Any distractions especially sudden greatly interfer with my movement

Yes, Beth does this, if the dog or her wee sister suddenly run by her she gets v stressed, and stumbles or falls. So interesting piecing it all together, thanks x

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