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Do those of you that have had neuro Physio feel that it has helped?

If so how has it helped?


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My husband is 72 and has got idiopathic late onset ataxia and has been having private physio for the last couple of years, although he is getting progressively worse, I think the physio has helped. Make sure the physiotherapist is familiar with ataxia, and they understand the workings of the cerebellum, so that the exercises can stimulate the brain rather than just routine general exercises. I attend the sessions with my husband and help him practice at home. Unfortunately John had a long stay in hospital recently with a UTI and pneumonia, and this spell of inactivity has really set him back ( sadly probably irriversably) so I’m just helping him getting strength back at the moment.

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Thank you. Sorry to hear about your husband.

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I have an excellent neurophysiotherapist who I see monthly. he strongly believes in neuroplasticity, and his exercises work the mind in conjunction with the body. ie he takes me for walks on uneven ground and encourages me to converse with him whilst walking. this is challenging but does improve as the brain is retrained. I have been seeing him for over 2 years and I cannot begin to describe the improvements I have made. it's also a big confidence boost as you find you are able to do things that you thought you'd never do again.

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foffee11 in reply to piglet3

Motivating what kind of therapists is he

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he is a physiotherapist who specializes in neurological conditions and their effect on balance and coordination of the body. Other patients he treats would be for example stroke victims or people who have Parkinson's.

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Thank you

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That's regarding the brain is it? Well I do a bit of brain Training,crossword puzzles,reading and meditation etc to keep the brain ticking over.

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Hi. Neurophysio i found good. Exercise in general is great for ataxia, as long as we don't do too much. The brain is so complex & as it's a muscle, needs stimulation ie brain teasers/ puzzles to keep the old grey matter going! The brain can be re-trained too. I've found the neurophysio exercises useful. Exercise is key within limitations & safety is paramount.

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Thank you.

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Sorry meant to add - neurophysio will probably help your balance & coordination.

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Thank you everyone. I have my first appointment with a Neuro Physio next year so hopefully they will have an understanding of ataxia.

Do any of you experience a lot of pain/increased pain after Physio or just exercise in general?

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My physiotherapist is not a specialised neuro physio. But he believes in plasticity of the brain. Repetitive exercises. I probably only have a whole range of about 10 exercises, I don't do that many every session!!! Probably only 3-4different exercises.

He treats other patients who have had strokes, people with ms, and also Parkinson's as well as more normal injuries and back problems.

A very important thing is that he does passive stretches ( he does the work - not me) and also a neck massage as my neck contracts at the end of every session.

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